The Association of Former International Civil Servants in Cyprus (AFICS-Cyprus) was established at UNFICYP Headquarters, Blue Beret Camp, United Nations Protected Area, Nicosia, Cyprus on 20 November 2012.
The aims and purposes of the Association are to support and promote the purposes, principles and programmes of the System of United Nations organizations; to look after and promote the interests of its members, and where appropriate those of their spouses/partners, vis-à-vis the relevant institutions, FAFICS and organs of the UN family, including the UN Joint Staff pension Fund (UNJSPF); to support former UN system staff and those about to retire in the areas of pensions, settlement, health care, taxation, social security and other relevant concerns; to foster social relations among former staff of the UN System; and any other aim or purpose compatible with purposes and programmes of the United Nations system, as decided by the Executive Committee.



Updated 18 April 2024

AFICS-Cyprus c/o UNFICYP Registry, P.O. Box 25644, CY-1311 Nicosia, Cyprus

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Association of Former International Civil Servants Cyprus